Friday, March 4, 2011

Artist Opportunities -- Especially for Emerging Artists

There are lots of opportunities out there for every kind of visual art. Which ones are best for emerging artists? Sometimes it can be quite confusing. We've tried to help reduce the confusion by offering a listing of various kinds of opportunities specially geared for or accepting of emerging artists. Check out the calls for artists listing here>>

We do this by personally hand-selecting and reviewing hundreds of opportunities each month. We update the listing about once a week and we only post those that we think an emerging artist may have a good chance at being accepted for. These include contests, juried exhibitions, publication opportunities, artist-in-residence programs, festivals, and more. We scour some of the more elusive sites that may not have the advertising budget to promote in Art Calendar or other large directories that charge a fee for listing. Because we do this, you'll find opportunities here that you may not easily find otherwise.

Not sure if an opportunity is a good fit for you? Do a little research to help you decide. Read reviews of previous exhibits or participants. Be bold, and email those artists to find out answers to your questions. Be even bolder and ask the venue itself! You may be surprised that you'll get a nice response, or you may get no response at all. This should be part of your judging criterion for participation. If a venue has no time to answer your question, you will probably not enjoy working with them even if they accept you for the show.

Best wishes for your career! And remember, it's ok if you're not accepted for every opportunity. Galleries and other venues do have limited space and specific goals which your art may simply not fit at this time. Keep on trying, with research and a good professional attitude and practice you will find the right spaces for your work!

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