Friday, February 25, 2011

Coconut Grove Art Festival

I visited the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Miami, FL for the first time this past weekend. I had high expectations, considering all the hype it gets nation-wide. I went with the intention of finding 2 or 3 first-time or second-time exhibiting artists for possible use in a future Visual Overture Magazine article.

After finally finding a parking space for $10 in someone's yard several blocks away, I strolled down to the park where the festival was to be held. As I approached the front entrance, I was met with some confusion as several additional street fairs were set-up along the sides leading to the actual Coconout Grove Art Festival entrance. Upon realizing those were not my destination, I made my way quickly to the ticket sales counter and was given my press pass for free admittance. Yey!

The first booth I visited made me believe my trip was worth the journey. Very nice, clean display of quality bronze sculptures by Theodore Gall of Ojai, CA. His high level of technical skill and great assortment of medium-sized sculptures made me aware that the jurors for CGAF were serious about showing the best artists. Though Gall's work was of suberb quality, he didn't fit my goal of finding a first-timer at the fair. My discussion with him informed me that he has been at CGAF for more than 20 years! Must be working out well for him, I take it.

Long story short, I walked around for 4-5 hours and only made it through half of the booths! I did manage to meet 3 first or second time exhibitors. I'll call them next week to find out about their experiences at the festival as far as sales and overall success. I plan on writing an article for the Summer 2011 issue of Visual Overture Magazine that details these experiences and gives suggestion tips for art festival newbies.

Overall I was super impressed with CGAF and am curious to hear from my contacts how it went. Here are a few pics from the event:

Exploring Thoedore Gall's kinetic sculptures    
Artist Geoff Buddie closing a big sale

Artist Comusina Celan with her mixed media work


Artist booth   

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The beginnings of things are always interesting. Sometimes you think, why haven't I done this already? Other times you think, is this really right for me?

Well, in the case of this blog, it's been long overdue. One of Visual Overture Magazine's primary goals is to be a resource for emerging artists, emerging collectors, and galleries or venues interested in displaying emerging art. This blog will seek to provide meaningful insight to hot topics related to the world of contemporary emerging art.

How will our blog be different than others similar in theme? The Visual Overture Magazine blog will act not simply as a space to vent opinions, but will be a resource for knowledge, current events, how-to tips, and cutting edge ideas/technologies related to the ever-changing scene of emerging art. This may include reviews of emerging art exhibitions and events, discussions on the role of art in society, useful advice on artist career goals and methodologies, and news tips on exciting developments related to the field of art.

As we progress, we will invite guest writers to join us in this pursuit, and in the meantime we invite your comments and suggestions. Short and brief, this now concludes our opening statement. Welcome to the Visual Overture Magazine blog!